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If you are a professional who has to interact with many clients on a day to day basis, you know how important a well-executed email can be.  From mass emails that are sent out to a mailing list that includes hundreds of recipients to one email to one very important client, making sure emails are scripted correctly is essential to the success of your business, whatever that may be. Prices: up to 500 Words : £14.99 up to 1000 Words: £19.99 up to 2000 words: £24.99 Re writing: 1-10 Pages: £14.99 Re writing: 11-39 Pages £29.99 Re writing: 40-100 Pages £49.99
What is the Turnaround Time?

It Depends, some services have a 24hrs turnaround time, most low end services have a short turnaround time. Check the description for turnaround time.

What is the Cancellation Process?

You can cancel within 24 hrs for most services

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

Paypal and most debit/credit cards

Do you Offer a payment Plan?

Available only for websites but a deposit is still required.

Do you Offer free bonuses?

All services include Bonuses, kindly check the Bonuses page for more information.

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